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  • WebPower card technical parameters Application environment:

WebPower card technical parameters Application environment:

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    WebPower card is an intelligent monitoring product based on TCP/IP, SNMP protocol, embedded Web server, and used for remote UPS management. Users can manage UPS through Web browser, SNMP network management software, or WinPower centralized monitoring software. WebPower provides Shutdown programs for different operating systems. The Shutdown programs run on different computers and communicate with WebPower in real time. When the UPS is abnormal, the Shutdown program can safely shut down the computer.

    Support operating system
    Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
    SCO UnixWare
    SUN Solaris
    Novell Netware
    Linux Kneral

    Applicable Products
    MT-pro series UPS
    Castle Series UPS
    Castle EX Series UPS
    ARRAY series UPS

    User Interface
      Web browsing  Obtain complete UPS management performance remotely through a web browser
      JAVA monitoring  Monitor all status values of UPS (such as: voltage, load, battery, events, etc.) through dynamic icons generated by Java Applets
      SNMP management  The WebPower card supports UPS standard MIB files (RFC1628) and company-defined MIB files, and obtains complete UPS management performance through network management software
    UPS management
      Security management  Provide user name and password security verification mechanism
      Configuration management tools  You can set WebPower network parameters, event shutdown parameters, etc.
      Task scheduling  Regular UPS self-test, timing switch machine, special daily shutdown function
      UPS control parameters  Provide interface for direct operation and control of UPS
      Support serial port initialization parameters  Support to set important parameters of WebPower through the serial port, such as super user, initialization password, SNMP, etc.
      Firmware upgrade  The upgrade methods are: WebPower interface online upgrade, running firmware upgrade program, network upgrade and serial port upgrade
      Centralized management of monitoring software  It can centrally control all UPSs in the network, which is convenient for users to find problems in time and facilitate user management
      UPS regular self-test  By periodically testing the UPS, power problems can be found in time
      UPS battery test  Through the UPS self-test for 10 seconds, the self-test at a predetermined time, and the test until the battery is low, understand the battery status in order to take preventive measures
      data record  By viewing the historical data of WebPower, you can understand the working status of UPS, so that the system administrator can better grasp the working status of WebPower
    Incident management
      Support SNMPTrap  WebPower supports real-time alarms of various power and environmental events. The event can be informed of the occurrence in the first time through the SNMP Trap mechanism and Email


      Shut down the operating system  Through the WebPower Shutdown program, you can safely shut down the user system
      Turn off multiple servers  Through TCP/IP network, multiple servers (250 servers) can be closed
      Turn on/off UPS  You can directly turn off or turn on the UPS connected to the equipment, which is convenient for customers to maintain the system equipment.
      Wake on LAN  When the shutdown event disappears and the UPS returns to normal, the shutdown computer can be turned on through the network

    All products are guaranteed in accordance with relevant regulations

    Back-up model: Three-year warranty and one-year warranty for built-in battery

    Online models: three-year warranty

    Battery products: three-year warranty

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